Dirty Truth or Drink questions

Unleash the honesty or take a sip! Learn the rules and tricks of Truth or Drink with our ultimate game guide. Cheers to fun!

Truth or Drink is always a fun game to get risque with your friends or date night partner! This iconic game can bring a new level of hilarity and intimacy to your night, but don’t grab any old questions from the store!

To spice things up, we’ve compiled some naughty, dirty, and extreme Truth or Drink questions that you won’t find anywhere else. If you want to find out more about the classic Truth or Drink game, head over to our to this article.

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Plus, no need to worry about running out of cards – our database of 1,000 questions is constantly expanding, so you never get bored! So, to take your Truth or Drink game to the next level, check out the online version!

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How to play Truth or Drink

The rules of Truth or Drink are simple! Each person takes their turn asking someone a question. The other player must then decide if they will answer the question truthfully or take a drink instead.

If the person chooses to answer the question, they must do so honestly and completely – no waffling allowed! If they decide to drink, they must take a shot, chug their drink, or perform another drinking challenge.

After the question has been answered or the drinking challenge has been completed, it’s time for the next person to ask a question. Keep going around the circle until everyone is too woozy to continue!

So grab your favorite beverage and impress your friends with these sultry Truth or Drink prompts! Don’t forget – questions always get dirtier as the night goes on!

Dirty Truth or Drink questions

Dirty Truth or Drink questions

Take your game to the next level with these naughty Truth or Drink questions. Perfect for date night, bachelorette parties and adult game nights!

1. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the bedroom?

No judgment here!

2. What physical feature do you find most attractive in a partner?

Tell us what makes your heart skip a beat!

3. Have you ever had a one-night stand?

Let the truth (or drinking) begin!

4. Have you ever thought about someone else while making out with your partner?

The truth here – it’s just between you and your friends!

5. What is the sexiest thing someone has ever said to you?

Sounds hot!

6. What’s your secret fantasy?

Spill the steamy details!

7. Ever been caught in the act?

Time to fess up or sip up!

8. Share your most embarrassing hookup story.

Prepare for laughs and blushes!

9. What’s the naughtiest text you’ve ever sent?

Dishing out those digital details!

10. Ever skinny-dipped or streaked in public?

Bare truths or bottoms up!

11. What’s your favorite type of lingerie?

Unveil your intimate preferences!

12. Share a wild Tinder experience.

Swipe right on honesty!

13. Ever tried role-playing in the bedroom?

Time to play truth roulette!

14. Describe your weirdest turn-on.

Reveal your unconventional desires!

15. What’s the most daring place you’ve had sex?

Exposing your risqué rendezvous!

16. Share a cringeworthy pickup line you’ve used.

Truth or toast to cheesy charm!

17. Have you ever faked it in bed?

Confess or take a shot!

18. Describe your most memorable kiss.

Lip-locked confessions await!

19. What’s your guilty pleasure adult website?

Reveal your online desires!

20. Ever had a romantic dream about a friend’s partner?

Spill the subconscious tea!

21. Share an awkward safe-word moment.

Truth, or sip to a safe escape!

22. What’s your opinion on sexting?

Tap into truth or taste the drink!

23. Ever had a workplace crush?

Confessions from the watercooler!

24. Share your worst date experience.

Dating horror or drinking delight?

25. What’s your go-to self-pleasure routine?

Solo secrets or sips all around!

26. Ever caught someone else in the act?

Witness tales of the unexpected!

27. Describe your idea of a perfect foreplay.

Setting the stage for honesty!

28. Share a steamy shower confession.

Scrub-a-dub truths or shots!

29. What’s the most explicit dream you’ve had?

Dreamscape revelations await!

30. Have you ever tried tantric intimacy?

Truth or transcendental sips!

Naughty Truth or Drink questions

Naughty Truth or Drink questions

Ready for something even more daring? Try these naughty Truth or Drink questions!

1. Have you ever sent a naked picture to someone?

Strike a pose!

2. Have you ever had sex in public?

Adventurous and daring – we like it!

3. What was your most embarrassing sexual experience?

Too much information is never enough!

4. Would you rather be too hot or too cold during sex?

It’s all about comfort (or discomfort) in the bedroom!

5. What’s your favorite place for a quickie?

Spontaneity unleashed!

6. Ever had a crush on a friend’s parent?

Fess up or drink up!

7. What’s the dirtiest dream you’ve ever had?

Dreamscape confessions incoming!

8. Share a funny or awkward sexual noise story.

Giggles or gulps ahead!

9. Have you ever used food in the bedroom?

Spill the saucy secrets!

10. What’s your guilty pleasure adult toy?

Toys and truths collide!

11. Ever had a romantic encounter at work?

Office tales unmasked!

12. Describe your favorite type of kink or fetish.

Delve into your desires!

13. Have you ever had a threesome?

Threesome tales or shots!

14. What’s your go-to sexy dance move?

Boogie down with truth!

15. Share your most awkward walk of shame story.

Stride into the spotlight!

16. Have you ever had a “friends with benefits” arrangement?

Buddies or benefits – spill!

17. What’s your opinion on open relationships?

Truth or tangled emotions!

18. Ever had a crush on a teacher or professor?

Academic attractions revealed!

19. Share a secret fantasy you’ve never told anyone.

Fantasyland truths disclosed!

20. Have you ever had a sex dream about a friend’s partner?

Dreamy dilemmas or drinks!

21. What’s your favorite type of lingerie for the bedroom?

Intimate insights uncensored!

22. Describe your most intense orgasm.

Peak honesty or peaks in a glass!

23. Ever been caught watching adult content?

Revealing screen tales!

24. What’s your guilty pleasure in bed?

Bare it all or bottoms up!

25. Share a funny safe-word mishap.

Safe-word stories or shots!

26. Have you ever used handcuffs or restraints?

Spill the binding truths!

27. What’s the most scandalous dare you’ve accepted?

Daredevil confessions revealed!

28. Ever had a hookup with a stranger from the internet?

Online rendezvous or revelations?

29. Describe your last intimate encounter in three words.

Three-word thrills await!

30. Have you ever had a steamy phone or video chat?

Virtual tales uncensored!

Extreme Truth or Drink questions for couples

Extreme Truth or Drink questions for couples

Want to get to know your partner on a whole new level? Check out these extreme Truth or Drink questions for couples!

1. What is your biggest sexual insecurity?

Let’s get vulnerable.

2. Have you ever fantasized about someone else during sex?

Time to fess up!

3. What do you find sexy about me?

The perfect question to get a boost of confidence!

4. If we could do anything in bed without judgment, what would you want to try?

No limits here!

5. What’s your most taboo fantasy?

Diving into desires deep!

6. Share your most embarrassing bedroom blooper.

Laughs or libations ahead!

7. Have you ever had a secret online flirtation?

Virtual secrets unveiled!

8. What’s your guilty pleasure adult movie?

Screen time confessions!

9. Share a time you weren’t in the mood but went along anyway.

Truth or reluctant sips?

10. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever imagined?

Dare to delve deeper!

11. Ever had a crush on one of my friends?

Honesty or heartbeats racing!

12. Describe your favorite role-play scenario.

Unmask those fantasies!

13. What’s your secret bedroom pet peeve?

Vent or take a sip!

14. Share a sensual dream you’ve had about us.

Dreamy confessions or drinks!

15. Have you ever been curious about BDSM?

Bound by truth or bonds!

16. What’s your take on open relationships?

Love, lust, or liquor?

17. Share a past sexual experience you wish we could recreate.

Time travel in truth!

18. Ever thought about having a threesome together?

Threesome talk or toast!

19. What’s your favorite way to seduce me?

Intimate insights uncensored!

20. Describe your wildest public display of affection.

PDA tales revealed!

Want to spice up date night? Dive into our curated collection of Couples Truth or Drink questions, perfect for sharing secrets, stories, and a lot of laughs.

Spicy Truth or Drink questions

Spicy Truth or Drink questions

Think getting naughty doesn’t have to be all talk? We’ve got you covered! Here are some spicy Truth or Drink questions perfect for a steamy night.

1. What is the wildest thing you’d do to your partner in bed?

Time to get creative!

2. What is your favorite part of your body?

Be confident!

3. Are you open to accepting favors in exchange for cash?

No judgments, just the truth!

4. Would you ever participate in a threesome?

Things are about to get interesting!

5. Have you ever made a sex tape?

Tell all – or drink up!

6. What’s the raunchiest text you’ve sent or received?

Digital desires revealed!

7. Have you ever experimented with BDSM?

Boundaries explored or booze!

8. Describe your ultimate steamy shower fantasy.

Shower thoughts uncensored!

9. What’s the most risqué place you’ve had a quickie?

Spill secrets or sips!

10. Share your thoughts on public nudity.

Strip down or sips up!

11. Ever had a steamy encounter in a public changing room?

Changing room confessions unleashed!

12. What’s your go-to move for turning your partner on?

Seduction secrets unveiled!

13. Have you ever engaged in an intimate video chat?

Virtual liaisons or libations!

14. What’s the sexiest dream you’ve had about someone you know?

Dreamland fantasies exposed!

15. Share a time you were caught in a compromising position.

Caught in the act or take a shot!

16. Have you ever used a dating app for purely physical connections?

App adventures or alcohol?

17. What’s your favorite type of lingerie to wear?

Intimate insights uncensored!

18. Ever thought about trying role reversal in the bedroom?

Switching it up or sipping!

19. What’s your opinion on open relationships?

Truth or tangled emotions?

20. Share your most memorable outdoor intimate encounter.

Alfresco tales unmasked!

Spill the tea and raise the temperature with our naughty Truth or Drink questions! If you’re looking for more daring and exciting Truth or Drink questions, head over to this article and keep the party going.

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