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Screenshot Truth or Drink app
Screenshot Truth or Drink app
Screenshot Truth or Drink app
Screenshot Truth or Drink app
Screenshot Truth or Drink app

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Truth or Drink

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Ready to dive into a game full of unforgettable confessions, laughter, and some drinks? As each question unfolds, every player has a choice: Answer it or take a sip.

Truth or Drink is an excellent game for parties, sleepovers, or just when you’re looking for something fun to do with friends. It’s a simple yet highly entertaining game that’s been around for ages — and now, it’s even easier to play with our online version.

Play Truth or Drink online

Looking for fun Truth or Drink questions to ask your friends? You can now easily generate fun questions with our online game, hassle and stress-free!

Simply choose a game mode and get ready to laugh and learn new things about your friends. From popular questions to more daring ones, this game has over 1,000 questions for everyone!

Play our free Truth or Drink online game now, and get ready for a night full of unexpected revelations and hilarious moments. Or download our free “Truth or Dare” app for even more fun with your friends!

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How to play Truth or Drink

Playing Truth or Drink is simple! Just ask each other questions with the premise of telling the truth or taking a sip, and you’ll be in for some fun. Here’s a quick rundown of the game:

1. Gather your friends

To play “Truth or Drink,” you’ll need at least two players, but the more, the merrier! Sit in a circle or around a table, and make sure everyone has their drink of choice ready.

2. Decide who goes first

You can use any method you want to decide who goes first - rock-paper-scissors, a coin toss, or even drawing straws. Once that’s settled, the game can begin!

3. Ask a question

One person will start by asking another player (or a group of players) a question. The question can be anything - from silly and lighthearted to wild and naughty.

If you’re playing with our online game or app: Choose a category, and a question will automatically be generated for you. You can also generate another question if the first one doesn’t suit your taste.

4. Answer or drink

The person being asked the question has two choices: answer it truthfully or take a sip of their drink. If they choose to answer, they have to be completely honest. Keep in mind that you can’t skip a question - if you don’t want to answer, you must take a sip.

5. Keep the game going

Once the question has been answered, it’s the next player’s turn to ask a question. You can play for a certain number of rounds or simply keep playing until everyone is tired of the game.

Truth or Drink game rules

While Truth or Drink is a simple and fun game for any party, it’s essential to set some ground rules beforehand. This will ensure that everyone has a good time and no one feels uncomfortable.

1. Make sure there’s enough water: While drinking alcohol, drinking enough water is key. Make sure everyone has water or a non-alcoholic drink nearby to stay hydrated and prevent anyone from getting too drunk.

2. This game is for adults only: Since alcohol is involved, it’s important to make sure that all players are of legal drinking age. This game is not suitable for minors.

3. Everyone should be comfortable: We all have our boundaries. It’s best to talk about them before playing to avoid pitfalls.

4. What happens in the game stays in the game: Don’t share any secrets or personal information revealed during the game outside of it.